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“I’m comin’ home, I’m comin’ home tell the world I’m comin’ home.” I think I sang that song for a solid week before I arrived in Kansas City. Don’t get me wrong I love Japan and all that it has to offer, but nothing will ever beat being home with family & friends. I will say, no matter where I am at, my heart never feels complete because I’m either away from Kris or away from my family, but coming home for 3 weeks is the perfect amount of time to get my dose of family with out missing Kris too much! ( Don’t worry babe, I miss ya tons already!)  I left Tokyo at 4:30 on Thursday and arrived in Kansas City at 4:15 on Thursday, crazy right? I was greeted the best way ever, with my four year old niece, Olivia, running into my arms, talk about a tear jerker.

Once we got the hugs out of the way she was ready to open all her presents I brought back. We had talked on Face Time about them for 2 months, so she couldn’t wait to dive in.  image Selfies on the way home!

imageimage The next morning Olivia had her end of the year preschool program. They sang eight songs and I might be bias, but she was the best one and knew all the words and motions! imageimage

After the program we went and played at the park for awhile. The two adults had more fun than the four year old.image

I ended my Friday with a dinner date at HiBoy with my family, my bestie, and her cute as can be little man, Henry.

image image image

I then stayed up until 3am watching Kris pitch. It started at midnight my time but it was 2pm Saturday in Japan. Kris got his 4th win and now has a  .71 ERA…I don’t mean to brag but he has the lowest ERA in Japan. 🙂

image image image image This was right after he had bases loaded with only one out and struck out the next two batters. (my face probably looked pretty similar)

image  Pictures from his “player of the game” interview.image image image

What a stud in his sweet headband and sunglasses. haha.image image

Saturday my mom and I went shopping at Frankly Basic.  I wanted everything in the store, and went on a little summer shopping spree. My purchases will be in upcoming blog posts, but for those of you who do not live in the states here is a little glimpse of the outside of the store!


Sunday was Mother’s Day and I was so happy I could be home to spend it with my Momma! We spent the afternoon getting pedicures.

image image

That evening my dad grilled out and we spent time opening presents and eating delicious cupcakes.

image image imageimageThe best part is they make gluten free cupcakes! 🙂  image

I gave my mom tea from Japan and my sister got her this neat tea pot, we both know our mom’s love for tea!


I’m enjoying my short time back home and squeezing as much in as I can! Thanks for stopping by,


2 thoughts on “Back At Home

  1. Cheryl Comer

    Having Carly home was the best Mother’s Day present! I know her time home will go by fast so we will enjoy every moment.

  2. Joyce porterfield

    We love having you home Carly. Looking forward to your bridal shower on Saturday. Your smile brightens my day.

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