Tokasan Festival Weekend

This weekend was the Tokasan Festival in Hiroshima. The festival is centered around the Tokasan Buddhist temple for the god of Toka Daimyojin. They say since Tokasan can mean “10th day” it is always held from June 8-10th. The festival is a seasonal festival that lets people know of the arrival of summer. Many people call this event the Yukata Festival, Yukata is a kimono made from a light weight cotton. The festival symbolizes when people are to start wearing this light weight “summer” kimono.

The festival lines up and down Chuo Dori street and spills onto Hondori. There are hundreds of street vendors selling toys, snack food, and games. My favorite part was seeing all the younger teens and little kids dressed up in their Yukata. The whole outfit is neat to me, the bright colors, bows, wooden sandals, and fancy hair-dos.



I have learned the Japanese eat squid and octopus like we eat turkey and chicken. This is teriyaki squid and I’m still  not use to seeing someone bite off a  piece of octopus leg ( with tentacles) like its a chicken leg.  Maybe someday we will try it?!


Little girls in kimonos are probably the cutest things ever.


How pretty are all these paper lanterns? Tons of people were standing in line to enter the temple, since we were not sure what to do inside we chose to just take in the experience from the outside. I love being emersed in another culture, you learn so much.image image

imageAfter the festival, I learned the fans everyone was buying are called Yakuyoke uchiwa, which means a “fan to ward off evil”.  I also learned that flavored shaved ice ( which is sold at almost every other stand) is called kakigori. I had mango kakigori at a baseball game and it was yummy!

Also this weekend we had a little date night and checked out this cute sushi spot we have walked by several times called Tento.



I had  a delicious sangria.

imageimageWe ordered three rolls, and some shashimi. Lets just say we had no idea how much bigger the rolls in Japan are, they add double the amount of rice as in America. This is a simple spicy tuna roll it was very good, but massive!image

I ordered shrimp shashimi….the picture showed it cooked which is what I have experienced in Japan….but this is what came out!!! image I have tried a lot of raw fish because Kris enjoys it so much ( notice the tuna in the background) but having the entire guy on my plate ( not to mention it is the biggest shrimp I have ever seen) was more then I could handle. I convinced Kris to try it….he said the texture was just too much, so he did not eat the other one. ( Yes, the innards were all still in him and I wasn’t sure Kris was going to be able to keep it down.)

Then our second roll comes out…..

image We hate to waste food in Japan, because everyone always clears their plate, but we just could not eat him! I can say all the shushi minus our new friends was delicious and we will definitely go back!

We ended our date with this gooey ice cream at the Tokasan festival. It was so gooey and sticky, it had to be made with marshmallows, it was very tasty! ( please ignore how silly I look in all these photos I just wanted to show the whole process and how sticky the ice cream was)!

imageimage image

Monday was Kris’ off day, we wanted to hike Miyajima, but with the rain we decided to check out a new mall. 🙂 I have never experienced a thunderstorm here, lately when it rains it is a fine light rain, but it never ever stops, It lasted all day! I would describe it like the rain you experience in the rain forest…..must be because we are on an island??

Normal pictures are overrated. ( and what else do you do on train rides.)

image image

So, Kris LOVES Krispy Kreme donuts, and we did not think Hiroshima had one ( we get them every time we are in a city that has them)… then as we are walking in to the mall, we see the sign, and even better, it is the first one in Japan we have been to that actually makes the donuts in the store!!! This was major excitement for us! It is weird how excited I get when I can not even have them! ( Fact: I think Japan needs a National Donut Day like the states!)

image Alpark mall made us feel like we were back home, it was set up very similar to an American style mall. imageimage For lunch we ate at a Hawaiian Pancake house ( so that I could have an Açaí bowl) and so Kris could have dessert before lunch.image imageimage

Then we also ate at Subway so that Kris could have a Turkey Sandwich….yes we ate our way through the day. ( At least mine were both healthy!) image  Here is a view of how foggy, misty, and gloomy it was!

image image


All in all we had a great weekend, I will have a fashion post from the weekend up later this week!

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  1. Cheryl Comer

    The festival looked like fun, and I love all the kimonos, and you two should have tried the octopus, I’m sure it was yummy.

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