Kris’ 7th Win. Go Carp

Yesterday Kris earned his 7th win while pitching at Mazda stadium! He pitched 8 shut out innings, struck out 5 batters, and only gave up one walk! woo hoo! The carp won 4-0 ( Kris even scored!) The cherry on top was that his parents were there to see him have a great game. Kris and Arai ( He hit a two run home run) were players of the game. While Kris did his interview on the field he pointed out his parents and they made their Japan baseball TV debut. haha. It was a great day and even better, the Carp won the series!

Now for a picture overload….image image image imageimageimageimage image image image image image  The sno cone flavors here are so yummy, so I of course had to take a picture.image These little boys sat by me the entire game and were too cute.image image image image image image image  Once Kris pointed us out in the stands we were taking pictures during the rest of the interview. I LOVED these guys, they both had on Johnson jerseys and they insisted I sign them. Haha, I hope one day Kris signs them!

image image

Now for all the social media pictures, thank you again to everyone who posts pictures.

image image image image imageimage


Then Kris and Arai got a surprise shower! 🙂 It was so funny to watch, it was even funnier that Kris thought they missed him and then he got soaked! If you want to watch a video of it you can click here.

image imageimage image


Yesterday was a great day and I’m glad his parents were able to have an awesome last day in Hiroshima.

We of course ended our day at Graffity, the food is always great and the owners are so nice! They took this polaroid picture for us, (I really want one of those cameras!)image

I have to add the pictures from the newspapers we got today!!image image image image imageThanks for stopping by!

– Carly

4 thoughts on “Kris’ 7th Win. Go Carp

  1. kazuki minato


  2. yuka

    hi,im into photos you take.
    now you know some amazing places even ive never been!
    btw you can get one at amazon.インスタントカメラ-純正ハンドストラップ付き-INS-MINI-WHITE/dp/B00DS0M6C4

    we call it ‘checki’ from English ‘check it out!’. there are loads types of them. better serch as ‘instax,fujifilm’ or you just try YODOBASHI or BIG CAMERA near where you are. i think they cover a whole japaland.
    i love this toy camera. its cute and shows some different taste from iphone or other digi cameras.
    hope you find one sometime soon!

  3. Cheryl

    I’m not sure what makes me happiest, Kris’ parents getting to see this great game or Kris getting the Gatorade dumped on him!!

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