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Normally I would do a baseball post today, but after a 40 minute rain delay Kris pitched one inning and the game was cancelled, ( insert thumbs down emoji here….He will keep his rotation and pitch next Saturday). I figured instead I would do a random post of pictures from the last couple weeks. I take so many photos of our life here, but not all them make it into a blog post, so I thought I would share some of them with you guys!

Kris and I go to this 9 story gaming arcade when we are looking for something fun to do in Hiroshima. We have become a big fan of darts lately, but one day I also tested out the batting cages. Can you imagine the look on some guy’s faces when they saw Kris up at the batting cages? It was pretty funny. I didn’t come in contact with the first 20 pitches but then I got the hang of things…..and couldn’t lift my arms for two days afterwards.

image image

I don’t know if any of you play the phone game “tsum tsum” ( if you don’t, you should) but my Mom and Sister had me hooked when I went home a month ago. Well, a couple weeks ago I saw this and got SO excited. A real life version of the phone game!! It’s awesome and I can’t wait for my mom to get here so we can battle each other.

imageimage image You can get your own tsum tsum….I won’t tell you how many I have got since I took this picture. image


Sunny days in June are rare, it is considered the rainy season in Japan. On the one sunny day we had I found the best little frozen treat. Kris and I call them frozen balls of goodness haha, but I would explain it kind of like a dreamsicle. It starts with the texture of a popsicle and turns into soft gelato made with real fruit. They are heavenly.

image image


While In Tokyo this past weekend we ventured around the very famous and busy Harajuku area and we found our first real candy store!! I don’t know if Kris and I have ever been so excited, we are gummy fanatics and while the little kiosk in Hiroshima satisfies our craving, finding an entire store was awesome! This area is filled with funky shops, graffiti, thrift stores, and crepe stores galore! It was a very fun atmophere.

image image image image imageimage When we are in Tokyo we tend to eat a lot of American food because unlike Hiroshima it is everywhere in Tokyo. I like to roam the cute side streets until we find a place that looks good, one night we had burgers, and they were so yummy! ( They were flat and had a black pepper taste to them which made me miss Hi Boy more than I already do)! imageimage image image image  Also, while In Tokyo, I had a delicious green smoothie ( don’t mind my awful squinty face) AND we went to the Chipotle of Japan called Frijoles. I don’t know if anything can be as great as Chipotle, but it definitely satisfies the craving.

image imageimage image

Now that I have made everyone hungry I will switch back to some baseball. Kris was featured in three magazines this month, so I thought I would share a few of the pages. ( If only I would have learned to read Japanese in the past couple months).image image image image image image image Also, yesterday at the field I had acupuncture done on my neck and shoulders because they are so tight. These were little microscopic needles that you leave in for a couple days, it doesn’t hurt at all! ( I hope it works!) image


Hope you all enjoyed this random post!

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4 thoughts on “Arcades, Food, & baseball

  1. Denise

    I’m always happy when there us a new post to read. This one did make me hungry! Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Masa

    I read one of those magizines. (Actually I found this blog from it because Mr. Johnson mentioned about this blog)

    As one of Hiroshima Carp fan, I’m happy to hear that it seems like both of you are enjoying new life in Hiroshima and Japan.

    I’m looking forward to Mr. Johnson’s game and your blog.

    I wish you all the best.

  3. Cheryl

    Hey Carly, I’m ready bring on the Tsum Tsum battle!! I love all the magazine articles but could someone read them to me please?

  4. hideo

    Last Saturday, is what I was asked to shake hands. In we were disturbed the two people in private, I’m sorry. Those who can not see only in the screen is I have impressed you’llcome in front of the eye. Moreover, since it had been give me a photo from the fan even after me, I regret that it whether I was a such thing. I’m really sorry.
    Also I am looking forward to the blog from now. Thanks. (Since I wrote using the Japanese-English software, well and expression can have one to understand No …) Thank you.

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