Humidity & Fashion

I haven’t done a fashion post in awhile, so I thought it was time to add one in. The sun has not shined since I have been back in Japan, but that does not mean it is not hot. The humidity here is no joke, if the weather says 78 (25 degrees Celcius) it wll feel like 85 because of the humidity, and all the rain just makes it worse! I have never been one to get hot and sweaty easily, but I walk out the door here and within 5 minutes I feel like I want to shower!! I love being hot, I would pick summer over winter any day, but I want the sunshine!!!!! I hope rainy season is amost over. That being said, since it rains so much it is hard to decide what to wear. Now when I say rain, it isn’t thunderstorms and torrential down pour like back home, it is just a slow steady island rain. I am cold while it is raining then the humidity comes out to play and I’m sweating, so I always have a jacket of some sort with me!

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Free People SlipAE Cut Off Shorts/ Denim Supply Denim Shirt/ Birkenstocks/ The Giving Keys Necklace/ Gold Bar Necklace/ MK Watch/ Turquoise Ring/ Turquoise Bracelet/ Alex and Ani Bangles

I also had my nails done for the second time and I decided to step out of my usual red or pink box and pick a more popular Japanese trend!image


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One thought on “Humidity & Fashion

  1. Yohei

    What’s a great blog!!
    I am grad to know this blog and reply to you!
    As you said, Japanese summer is terrible due to the high humidity.
    I really wish you will be accustomed to the Japanese summer as soon as possible!
    Please drink something cold and rest well.
    Your fashion is also great!! It looks like you are a model!!
    And the greatest thing is your support to Kris!Thanks to your support to Kris, I think Kris play baseball very well!
    I wish you and Kris live a good life^^!!
    Good bye!!

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