Nunobiki Waterfall & Herb Garden

Sorry it has been several days since I have posted we were traveling with the team AND my parents are in town for the next two weeks!!! YAY! The first full day my parents were in town we were in Kobe so we decided to hike to the Nunobiki waterfall & herb garden that is located on the Rokko mountain chain! We decided to do the forty five minute hike to the waterfall then take the Shin-Kobe rope way to the top of the mountain where the herb garden is located. Even though the hike was only forty five minutes, it was no joke, but the waterfall was gorgeous and I would say it was the best one we have seen yet.

We of course started with a trip to Starbucks for breakfast. ( Kris’ main goal is to ruin all of my pictures 🙂 )


The water along this hike was so clear and pretty.


Isn’t this a beauty?


Kris and I always see these “rock pyramids” when we are on hikes, they tend to be temples or shrines. We are not sure what they mean or stand for, but Kris always wants to make one so this time he finally did. imageimage We came to this rest spot half way up on our hike, it was a great spot to see the Kobe skyline.imageimageimageimageimageimageimage After our hike we took the ropeway the rest of the way up to the herb garden. imageimageimageOnce at the top we stopped for lunch at a cute cafe and enjoyed soaking our feet in an herb bath overlooking the city.imageimage

The gardens were gorgeous, the views spectacular, and the lavender ice cream was yummy!


The rope way was pretty high up, but made for some neat pictures.



After a full day of hiking and exploring we spent the evening at Harbor Land which is a outdoor shopping area on the water in Kobe.

imageimageimageimage   We took my parents to a Shabu Shabu restaurant for dinner. ( This is where you boil thin slices of meet, veggies, and noodles in a pot at your table) They enjoyed the meal, but I do not think my Dad’s big hands are made for chop sticks! hahaimageimage We ended the evening with dessert and a ride in the ferris wheel. imageimageimageimageimageimageimage


We have done so much the past couple days and I will try to blog as much as possible! Tonight Typhoon Nangka is suppose to hit Japan, we are hoping it weakens before it gets here!!

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  1. Cheryl Comer

    This was a perfect first day in Japan, the kids are great tour guides. I can’t wait to see what else they have to show us.

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