Sightseeing & A Visit To The Beach

My parents were in Japan for 17 days and between my Mom and I we have a ton of pictures! It is so hard for me to narrow them down and just pick a few! A lot of these places Kris and I have visited, so  I have posted them before, but they are all gorgeous locations in Hiroshima so I am sure you won’t mind seeing them again. 🙂 Fair warning, there is a lot of pictures so make sure you aren’t suppose to be working (be ready to minimize it if needed), or anything productive for the next few minutes ! haha I will try to keep my rambling to a minimum and just let you enjoy the pictures!! These are all places we visited around Hiroshima the last week they were in town!

Walking around Peace Memorial Park and the A- bomb Dome. Had lunch at this cute restaurant on the water.image  imageimageimageimage image  image image imageFact: When you switch purses make sure you put your house key in the new purse. Major fail on my part.  Thankfully I got ahold of Kris ( and that he loves me)  at work and he was able to have a taxi driver deliver me his key!  My parents loved sitting outside in the humidity after walking around all day while we waited ( good thing they love me too)! 🙂imageHappy Hour at our favorite outdoor spot to watch the Carp game.image image imageMy parents wanted to try noodles while they were here, it was my first time in a ramen shop as well since I can’t have them. Watching them eat their noodles with chop sticks was entertaining. This shop had little walls that slid out between each person and then they pull a shade down after they deliver you your food…. it reminded me of a voting box back at home, haha, it is the only way I can think to explain it!imageMy parents and I went to visit the three waterfalls at Mt. Mitaki. We didn’t stay as long as we planned because there were so many hornets flying around!! If you know me at all you know I am scared to death of any large insect with wings, especially butterflies, ( go ahead laugh I know it’s ridiculous)  and things that sting. I was having a massive melt down/ panic attack, I probably got my exercise from running around so much.  I would have rather seen the wild boar I assume that sign is talking about down below!

Last time Kris and I came here in April we hiked all the way to the top where there was a massive amount of butterflies ( If you are friends with Kris he filmed me freaking out) …I am starting to think Mt. Mitaki is not for me.
imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageThat night the owner of the Carp set up a very nice dinner for us at a Japanese steak house. The owner treated us to this dinner when Kris’ parents were in town, but I was surprised he did again for my family. It was so delicious and such a thoughtful gesture.

We stopped at this pop up happy hour spot on Hondori before our reservations. Their berry mojito was yummy! imageimageimage The prawn on this plate was VERY fresh….as in we watched it get “cooked” . Made my heart sad, but Kris said it was delicious!imageAll the meat was absolutely melt in your mouth delicious. I have never had such fresh, amazing steak.imageMy parents also went back to Mayajima to explore since last time we just went to the beach.  imageimageimageimageimageThe view at the top could never get old, it is breathtaking every single time. It reminds me how lucky I am to be on this adventure.  imageimageI was so happy to be able to experience this with my parents for a couple weeks, making memories we will never forget. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageWe decided to explore one more beach before my parents left town, and Kris was able to come! This is Bayside Beach and is the closest one to where we live, just a 20 minute train ride and the train drops you off right in front of the beach! image

Coolest towel ever.image
imageimageimageimageTotally normal….imageimageimageimageOnce the clouds broke up it was HOT, we cooled off with shaved ice! imageimage


I had so much fun with my parents being in town, they are now back home safe and sound! Later this week I will be posting about Kris and my trip to Disney Sea yesterday!!

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  1. Cheryl

    It was a trip of a life time. Carly and Kris were great tour guides, and we saw many wonderful sights. Japan is a beautiful country and the Japanese people are very nice and helpful.

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