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Ever since Kris and I wandered into the bar scene of Hiroshima one evening, we promised ourselves we would go out one night to say we experienced it. With baseball ( and just being old) we tend to be home by 10, so thinking of going out and staying out until 3AM seems crazy! Kris pitched on Friday this week (instead of Saturday) so we had Sunday as an off day, we figured Saturday night would be a good time to check out the nightlife. Our first question was how do you choose? It is seriously street after street of buildings six to eight stories high with a bar on every level. In the states you can walk by a bar and peek in windows to see if it fits your style & vibe, but here you go up to the chosen floor and who knows what you may get!

image  After walking around Kris spotted a sign that said “Island drinks” we figured an English sign was a good start so we gave bar Revolucion a try! It was the cutest little bar, very laid back,  playing music that made me want to be laying on the beach. Funny enough most of the crowd was foreigners, but seemed to be foreigners that now live in Japan. The bartender, who I believe was the owner, spoke English and was really friendly. We enjoyed it and will probably be back! imageimage imageimage After hanging out for awhile we decided to check out EIGHT bar. Several people on social media had mentioned it was one of their favorites. It was on the sixth floor of a building but was very big and modern looking. I loved the vibe it gave off, one room was more quiet, low key and masculine feeling, then the main room was all white with a DJ, couches, & fun lighting. We enjoyed the atmosphere and even though Kris was recognized a lot everyone was nice and just having a good time!

image image These girls were so funny I had to take a picture too.  imageimageYou entered and exited via a mirrored hallway…had to take a picture.image We lasted about two hours and then called it a night! We had fun experiencing night life in Hiroshima.image


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Zara Dress / Steve Madden Varcityy Pumps / Mac “Candy Yum Yum” lipstick /

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