Another Year in Japan

Tuesday morning I left Kansas City to head to Hiroshima for another year of baseball in Japan! While Kris and I were excited for another year in Japan, it is still not any easier leaving family and friends the second time around. Trying not to bust into tears as I say goodbye to my parents and pup was my only goal Tuesday morning. IMG_6921 ( looking fabulous at five AM! ha ha.) IMG_6955 IMG_6956

This year I flew to LAX first, which actually ended up making my trip two hours longer than it normally is because we still fly north over Alaska to get to Tokyo. The layover wasn’t too bad since I got to relax in the Delta Sky Lounge. I was hoping to see someone famous, but of course I wasn’t that lucky.IMG_6970

Flying first class to Japan is amazing. I can’t thank the team enough for the wonderful job they do at booking my tickets ( three days before I left) and making sure my trip is as easy as possible! IMG_6888 IMG_6890 First look at Japan after 11 hours of flying!IMG_6900 Once I was through customs and received my Japan resident card, I had to get all three of my 70 pound suitcases off the luggage carousel and onto this cart by myself. Talk about a work out after being awake for 20 hours!   IMG_6903
  Now it was time to ride the train for five hours to Hiroshima! Thankfully Mai, ( she works for the Carp) was at the airport to help me ship my bags to our apartment and ride with me on the train!  By this point I feel exhausted and sick and the thought of having to sit for five more hours just makes me want to cry. 

Finally after 26 hours of travel I was reunited with Kris and suddenly all the travel seemed worth it. 🙂 Cheesy, I know! I walked into the apartment to be surprised with all my favorite things in Japan; fresh flowers, chocolates, wine, and Louis Vuitton! He really is the sweetest, besides doing all of that he also had unpacked all our boxes from last year. I had to take a minute to brag because he did everything he could to make sure the transition was as easy as possible for me. IMG_6927 IMG_6935

Now that we are on the 9th floor, our view is absolutely gorgeous! This was the sunrise…jet lag has me awake at 4am 🙂 IMG_6959 IMG_6961

Being away from home is extremely hard, but this one makes it all worth it. Here is to another year in Japan and our first year of marriage, hope everyone is enjoying a glimpse into our crazy ride.  IMG_6958

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10 thoughts on “Another Year in Japan

  1. Yukiyasu

    Welcome back to Hiroshima, Mrs. Johnson.
    Kris will be a starter for the opening game and I hope his first win of the season.

  2. Joyce porterfield

    Enjoy this wonderful experience. So happy for you and Kris and know he will do well again this year. Miss you!

  3. Karan Johnson

    Great way to start another year of adventures together! He did good and the view from the apartment looks great!

  4. kota

    The puppies look so sad 🙁
    Btw I think it will be safe not to post your resident card photo on your blog. It’s got important info and you never know what people can do with it these days.
    I wish you and Kris a wonderful year in Japan.

  5. akemi


    good to have you & Kris back in Japan.
    It’s always a hassle to travel from the airport back to Hiroshima by train.
    Next time you can try landing at Haneda on Delta (from LAX) and taking ANA or JAL flight sraight back to Hiroshima. No more long and tiring train ride!

  6. Fumiya Watanabe

    You don’t need to meet anyone famous. You got a very famous person, that is your husband, among us Carp fans. Good luck in Hiroshima again.

    May he has a chance with a major league team in a year or two after helping the Carp win the Japanese championship (or two). (May be he will play for my favorite team is Chicago Cubs in the future.)

  7. Joan

    We are looking forward to another exciting year of baseball and adventures abroad seen through your eyes. Enjoy every minute of it. What a memorable experience for you.

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