Rabbit Island & Mt. Kurotaki

A couple days ago my friend Emiko took us to her home town and to visit Rabbit Island! We drove about an hour to Tadanoumi then took a short ferry over to the island. The island has a small hotel, a museum, and a bunch of bunnies, that’s it! Okunoshima ( Rabbit Island)  is included in the Seto Inland Sea National Park. This island was originally used to house a poison gas facility during WWII, and they would test the gas on the rabbits. They chose the island because the making of the gas was a secret since poisonous weapons were banned several years before they built the facility ( storing the gas was not banned) and it was far from Tokyo in case of an incident. It is said that over 6,000 tons was produced before it shut down at the end of the war, the gas was then weaponized, and the facility was destroyed. Now the island is full of cute wild bunnies for people to come and play with!

We took SO many photos, and how could I choose which ones to use when all the bunnies were so cute??IMG_4218 IMG_4221 IMG_4226 IMG_4522 IMG_4248 IMG_4252

The baby bunnies were super cute!IMG_4269 IMG_4524We were feeding them cabbage.IMG_4525 IMG_4527 IMG_4529 IMG_4531IMG_4523IMG_4273IMG_4533IMG_4285IMG_4287IMG_4289This bunny was my favorite because he was all black like my puppy! IMG_4291IMG_4310We just couldn’t get enough of all the baby bunnies! IMG_4314IMG_4316IMG_4321 They had the most gorgeous beach with crystal clear blue water, I think I need to come back in July!IMG_4535 Typical. 🙂 IMG_4537IMG_4538IMG_4539IMG_4540

All I needed was my swimsuit and a pina colada .IMG_4541IMG_4534IMG_4324IMG_4327 This was our Rabbit Island group, I finally was able to meet Emiko’s brother, Kiyotaka, and Naoko came along too!  IMG_4344IMG_4331IMG_4542IMG_4543IMG_4544IMG_4565IMG_4546IMG_4547

At this point I wanted to put them all in my bag and take them home with me.IMG_4562IMG_4563The most perfect palm tree ever.IMG_4369IMG_4375IMG_4379IMG_4385 This was the largest of the storage units that was demolished.IMG_4388IMG_4390IMG_4399

After Rabbit Island, Emiko’s Father took us to hike the mountain in their town, Mt. Kurotaki! He is the commissioner of the preservation activity group who helps keeps the mountain clean! There were over 30 different Buddha’s along the way that you could try to find in the rocks. The view at the top was gorgeous!! IMG_4429IMG_4436IMG_4437 They told me if I could fit through the tori gate it meant good luck……I did it!!IMG_4445IMG_4440IMG_4442IMG_4453IMG_4455IMG_4458IMG_4480 We signed the guest book at the shrine.IMG_4564IMG_4482IMG_4550IMG_4485IMG_4488IMG_4495IMG_4499IMG_4501IMG_4551IMG_4552IMG_4554IMG_4556

We ended the evening with dinner at Emiko’s parents home. It was so cool to see a traditional Japanese house. Her Dad showed Kris his Samurai Swords that were over 200 years old and I think it was the highlight of Kris’ day! Her Mother cooked the most delicious dinner that included fried chicken made with rice flour so that I could eat it! Even though we can not speak Japanese and they can not speak English the evening was so much fun and we really are very thankful they invited us to their home. I also have to say her sister is the sweetest… I bought a pair of earrings at a store in Hiroshima called Parigot and when we traveled to Kyoto one fell out of my ear and I lost it. I was so bummed because it was the first time I had worn them. Well, Sachiko is friends with the VP of Parigot and she surprised me with a new pair of the earrings I had lost!!  Here are some pictures of their home and the yummy dinner!IMG_4418 IMG_4419 IMG_4422IMG_4504 IMG_4511 IMG_4513 IMG_4514 IMG_4557

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7 thoughts on “Rabbit Island & Mt. Kurotaki

  1. Karan Johnson

    Very, very nice. The island looked beautiful and the mountain hike sounded like a lot of fun. How special and kind Emiko’s family are, especially her parents for opening their home to you! A real Japanese experience!

  2. Joyce porterfield

    What a wonderful experience! How kind of Emiko’s parents to invite you to there home for a meal. The hike looked interesting and magnificent from the top and rabbit island was too cute. Must have been a fun day.

  3. Cheryl

    Ok now I need to go hold some bunnies!! That island looks beautiful and I think I could sit on that beach all day. I’m glad you two were able to spend time with Emiko’s family, we now know why she is so nice. How wonderful they opened their house to you and prepared a delicious meal and her sister is the sweetest!!

  4. Emiko

    What a fun day in my hometown!!! No, thank YOU guys for coming with me and spending some quality time with my family and Naoko!!! I know that my dad wanted to have you guys a little longer to show you fireflies though… LOL. Oh, Karan, Joyce, and Cheryl, you ladies are too kind to say such nice things about me and my family!!! Yes, come back in July so that I’ll be at my parents! 😉

  5. Denise

    1. I need to go to Bunny Island!
    2. I will be disappointed if you did not bring some bunnies home with you. Haha
    3. What a great day. Beautiful island and to be able to experience with such a nice family must of been a great experience. You are making forever memories.

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