Hikari Beach With My Parents

After traveling to Nagoya and Osaka we had three days in Hiroshima before heading to Tokyo. For Kris’ off day we decided to go relax and show my parents a beach in Japan.

IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1724IMG_1899 IMG_1909 IMG_5305IMG_1916 IMG_1936IMG_1928

That evening and the next morning were spent in doctor’s offices to find out that I had appendicitis. I felt horrible that my parents had to spend their vacation at the doctors, but I know they would have rather been here than back home when I wasn’t feeling well. Kris also got a hair cut during this time! IMG_1932 This was the one thing to make me laugh while in pain. My family and friends call me Carl, so when my medicine came out and read Carl it was just too funny.
IMG_1933 I wish I had felt better in this picture, because Kris’ hair looks amazing, but I look like I am in pain.IMG_1934


The next night we had a nice dinner out that was given to us by the owner of the Carp. It’s always such a delicious meal! The sunset off our balcony before we left was beautiful.IMG_1994 IMG_1996 IMG_1998 IMG_2002 IMG_2005  I tried to steal my Mom’s top before she left, but it didn’t happen. IMG_2010IMG_2007

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2 thoughts on “Hikari Beach With My Parents

  1. Joyce porterfield

    Hey Carl… Nice blog on pretty beach and nice dinner out. So sorry if your week in pain and glad you are better. Like Kris’ new haircut.

  2. Yukiyasu

    Murozumi beach.
    I recommend Katazoegahama on Suou Oshima island in Yamaguchi prefecture.
    Suou Oshima and Kauai island, HI are friend islands.
    You can feel Hawaii on Suou Oshima.

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