Central League Champions!

Last Saturday the Carp beat the Giants at the Tokyo Dome to become the CENTRAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS for the first time in 25 years! The Carp are the 2nd fastest team in NPB history to clinch first place in their respective league! How cool, right? For those of you back home, the Giants are in 2nd place and our Magic number had been based around our wins and their losses, so to beat them at their home to clinch the championship was pretty awesome!  I have a million pictures so I apologize in advance, but it was such a fun and exciting night!

img_3849img_3860 It is a tradition to toss the coach in the air seven times once you win the championship. This year they also tossed our two long time players Kuroda & Arai.  Kuroda came back from playing in the states last year, (he played several years for the Dodgers and Yankees),  because he had promised the Carp fans he would finish out his career back home in Hiroshima. What an awesome way to end!img_3869 img_3887img_4415

Instead of having a beer shower at the stadium they had it all ready at the hotel where the team was staying.  In Japan, you do not have the shower in the locker room, they have everything prepped and covered in a different location. The Carp organization is very accommodating and let us wives come down and watch the craziness.

Kris in his gear before he went down to get soaked. img_3889 img_3891 img_3896 How delicious does this cake look?  You will see V7 in a lot of my photos, it is their 7th championship so it stands for “Victory 7” I believe. img_3897 img_3899

Everyone is ready for the beer shower celebration. img_3902  Yes, Kris has a water gun full of beer, every man’s dream. img_3906 img_3923 img_3934  The guys would get pulled away for interviews then interrupted with beer thrown all over their faces, those reporters were drenched!img_3950 Nothing like a loving beer soaked hug.img_3965 img_3968img_4001

After the team was all done and had left to go shower, and the news people were packing up their equipment, I wanted to take a picture with Kris in front of the championship sign. After being splattered with beer and hugged by your husband you don’t really want people taking your picture, so I waited until the end so no one would notice us…ha wrong! It was on live TV…fail on my part!img_3989img_3999img_4414

After all this was over, about 12:30AM, Kris had live TV interviews until 2AM. It was fun to stand behind the scenes and watch! img_6278 It was a night to remember! The Carp have had a great season and they are not done yet!

Once we got back to Hiroshima we spent our off day walking around the city and seeing all the new Carp signs and memorabilia people had told us about. I don’t think I will ever get use to seeing my husband’s face on a building or magazine.img_4279 img_4281 img_4283 img_4287 img_4291 img_4295 img_4304img_4306 img_4307

I keep telling myself I have bought enough newspapers and magazines but when you see your husband spread across a page you can’t help but buy it.img_4309 img_4311 img_4312 img_4315 img_4316 img_4317

They soaked Kuroda and Arai with a drum full of Saki!img_4321 img_4323 img_4324 On the back of this big insert was a bunch of the newspaper covers from the season. It was so neat to look at all of them and find Kris. img_4325 img_4326 img_4393 img_4394 img_4395

This past Thursday they had a championship ceremony at home where they were given the Central League Champion’s flag and trophy. img_4340 img_4345 img_4348 img_4351 img_4355 img_4410 img_4411 img_4412 img_4413img_4358 img_4370 img_4379

Thanks for stopping by and reading this super long post! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Central League Champions!

  1. Fumiya Watanabe

    Thank you very much for bringing the pennant back to Hiroshima! Couldn’t have done it without Kris. I am sure he could not have done it without your support. We Carp fans owe you.

  2. Cheryl

    Not too many ball players get to experience a championship year, what a wonderful memory for you both. You better be buying all the papers and magazines you find, even though we can’t read them it’s fun too look at all the pictures. How fun to go find all the posters, banners and pictures all over town, wish I was there during this exciting time. Enjoy every minute, proud of you both.

  3. Joyce porterfield

    How awesome you are central league champions and could enjoy the celebrations. So exciting for you two and are making memories to last a lifetime. Congrats to the Carps and their loyal fans. Congrats to Kris for an amazing season. Kudos to you Carly for all your support.

  4. joan and Jerry

    My goodness. How exciting. And you still look cute even with a little bear – oh you said beer. – hug. Congratulations to the team and especially to their tallest pitcher.

  5. Karan Johnson

    What a great time to be part of the team and a fan! Enjoy every moment! Ditto what your mom said, bring copies of everything home. So exciting and it’s not over yet. I’m a very proud mother! Go Carp! ⚾️?❤️

  6. Rtk

    Largest congrats on you and your husband!!!!!!!
    I really enjoyed reading your post and felt really happy again.
    I hope you will keep to have a fantastic life in Hiroshima.

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