Third year In Japan

Hey guys! I know it has been awhile since I have posted, but I was enjoying time with family and friends before moving back to Japan! I have been back in Hiroshima for a little over a week, and I am still trying to get into the swing of things. Jet lag is no joke, and I don’t think my body will every get use to the travel. I feel like after flying to the same country so many times your body should say, ” Okay, this is normal, I’m not going to make you feel like a walking zombie for a week this time.”  I’ll keep dreaming.  Kris has not had to travel since I have been here which makes the transition a little easier, we are able to get the apartment back together, and get any essentials we need before season starts and things get crazy.  I don’t have anything specific to post about yet, so I thought I would just post a few photos of my first week back in Japan.

Mt. Fuji is gorgeous, and you never know if you will see it from the bullet train or not. It could be a clear blue sky and when you get close to Mt Fuji it will be super cloudy. After traveling 15 hours to Tokyo I then ride a 4 hour train to Hiroshima, and this time my train view was stunning! I wish I could walk around with a filter on while being sleep deprived.

Only thing good about jet lag is the sunrise & espresso.Kris knows how to keep a girl awake…take her shopping. 🙂  We, of course, went to Yakiniku right away, it is my favorite Japanese style dinner.

Kris pitched last Friday and I finally felt half alive ( insert I did my hair and make up selfie)  and I realized Carp coffee needs to be three times larger and my husband looks so cute in baseball pants! 🙂 haha.

We ended game night with tradition…dinner at Grafity. The family that owns it are so sweet and gave us a framed picture of Kris’ Sawamura Award newspaper article and even hung the article I did in their restaurant. They collect stickers and put them all over the place, so they have a HiBoy sticker (my family’s restaurant) on their front door. They said that in December foreigners came in and said ” Oh my gosh, how do you know HiBoy? We are from Kansas City!” They were so excited to see something familiar from home they took a picture of the sticker. It’s crazy what a small world we live in!  

Off day was spent relaxing and eating Tempura! The couple that owns this little spot makes rice flour tempura for me, which is very kind of them!

Kris and I love to play darts and go bowling, but as the season goes on Kris’ arm is too tired to play, so we decided to go bowling yesterday and had so much fun. I will always love how my shoes come out of a vending machine.

After posting all these pictures I’ve come to the conclusion that I should probably blog more frequently.

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5 thoughts on “Third year In Japan

  1. Denise

    I was excited to see another blog to read. Mt. Fuji sure is a gorgeous sight. Hope this is a great year for the carp. Looking forward to watching the games.

  2. Joyce porterfield

    I have really missed your blogs Carly. After reading it I felt like I took the journey with you. Love seeing and hearing about where you eat and shop and relax. Love the bowling shoe vending machine. Hope you and Chris have another great year full of new experiences and great baseball.

  3. Cheryl Comer

    I can’t believe you two are starting your 3rd year in Japan, sometimes it’s still hard to imagine you are so far away. I’m glad you are settled back into your routine and I LOVE that someone from KC saw the HiBoy sticker. I’m hoping for another wonderful year for you guys and the Carp.

  4. Fumiya Watanabe

    Great! I am looking forward to reading our blog and Kris’s 3rd year mowing down those Giants batters!

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