Kimono Fashion Show

Last weekend my friend Saemi invited us to a small Kimono fashion show. Kris and I are always looking for something different to do and decided to turn it into a date night. I dressed up, which is rare because we always walk everywhere, we then grabbed soba for dinner before heading to the show.

My outfit of the night included these jeans I absolutely love, they give the illusion I have long legs with the high waist and flared bottoms. They are also extremely comfortable. The tank I have on is a summer must have, same with my necklace I bought at Twill. The duster is from a Japanese boutique last year, but I will tag a similar one below.

Duster // Tank // Denim

I loved seeing all the elaborate kimonos and hair styles at the show. While I am in Japan I usually see more of the light weight summer kimonos, called a Yukata, because that is what the younger girls will wear to all the festivals.

How gorgeous are those? I wish I would have taken pictures of their shoes, because there is no way I could have ever walked in them! I need to remember to take my camera with me when I go places!! The women did an amazing job and Kris and I can add another thing to our “couldn’t experience this in the states” list.

My friend was the MC of the fashion show and she is good friends with the girl that is in the middle of the last pictures. 

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3 thoughts on “Kimono Fashion Show

  1. Joyce porterfield

    What a fun evening. Loved all their beautiful colors! Glad you are still finding new things to experience. I really liked your outfit too!

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