Wow, this time change is no joke.  I am going on my third day here and I am  pretty sure my body is still in Kansas City. I am ready for bed at 5PM here ( 2AM at home) and wide awake at 3AM ( Noon at home) every night. Let’s just say ZzzQuil has become my new best friend. Kris said it took him about a week to adjust…so it will probably take me two weeks, because let’s face it guys adjust way easier than girls!

Enough about sleep, when I am awake things are going pretty good! Our apartment is great. 3 bedrooms, two baths, a meditation room, ( maybe I will give it a shot one day?)  open living room and kitchen. I would say my favorite part is the crazy amount of closets we have, but the view is definitely the best.

image image image imageWe look out onto a river and walking trail and have mountains to our left. The pictures do not do it justice. I will try to get pictures of the mountains soon.



The first day here Kris had practice in the morning, so I met him at the field in the afternoon. In order to get to the field I had to call a taxi service which meant I was going to have to test out my Japanese. I am the type of person that is scared to death to try and then say it totally wrong, so I am pretty sure I stared at the phone for five minutes while saying please in Japanese out loud a million times. I finally called and said, “Taxi, Onegai-shimasu”  ( it is  pronounced “oni-guy she-mas”) Yes, I only had to say ‘”Taxi, please.” but it was still nerve racking.  Needless to say I survived and made it to the field. Once I met up with Kris we got to walk right next door to…….


Yes, they have Costco, and it looks just like the one at home! We stocked up on groceries and bought a few household items. It was seriously amazing! 🙂

That night we took a street car down to a main shopping area and walked around and ate dinner at a type of restaurant called “Yakuniku”. You cook your own food on a little grill right in front of you, it was delicious.



imageYes, that is a five story H&M…so if any of you thought I wouldn’t survive, I will.

In honor of my sisters Birthday ( It’s actually today for me, March 6th) I had to add this picture in. They have an entire arcade of just claw machines…if you know my sister, she is the claw queen!




As for yesterday we walked down to this little cafe a block from our apartment and had a traditional breakfast, including miso soup.

image image image

Then Kris pitched for the first time at Mazda stadium! The stadium and view are absolutely gorgeous! It is just preseason games all through March, but he still did awesome! The fans are so excited about him, which makes the experience even more exciting. They had a few concession stands open, so I decided to try something new instead of the normal American items. ( they do have an American concession stand…hotdogs, chicken nuggets, and fried potatoes… that is what they call french fries!) I had this delicious chicken on a stick, and it was so good!! ( and I wont lie, I had fried potatoes too.)



image image The office gave us this newspaper from when Kris pitched in Okinawa last week!

We ended a good day of pitching with this heavenly goodness.


imageI know this post was extremely long I just have so many pictures! I will try to keep them shorter, or post more frequently. I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into our new adventure.

– Carly



6 thoughts on “Transition

  1. shin-mamiya

    Welcome to Japan! Welcome to Hiroshima!
    Welcome to carp!

    I’m looking forward to Chris’s nice pitch!
    And please enjoy Japan various culture.

    Please try ” ra-men ” noodle. very good.

  2. Ken

    Hi there,

    Transition is never easy when you move. Especially to a new city, country and a whole different culture. Its already not easy for the baseball player adjusting on the field but I think being together with the significant other will help with the transition more smoothly for the both of you.

    I think you will enjoy your stay in Hiroshima for its food, culture and the history that it offers.
    As long as one keeps an open mind and are willing to try new thing 🙂

    As a carp fan, we are truly excited to have a left handed pitcher of Kris’s caliber join the team. We hope that he will be the key to our first championship in over 20 years. You may have already noticed that the carp fans are quite the passionate bunch and have high expectations this year due to all of the new additions to the team.

    Hope you enjoy Hiroshima and wish you and Kris all the best to a new life

  3. Crazy Carp fan -Hiro-

    Welcome to Hiroshima to you guys.
    I really excited Kris’s pitch.
    Hope he lead Carp win.

    Please try to go ‘Miyajima’ where is the most famouse place in Hiroshima. It is historical place!


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