Trip to Saijo

While Kris’ parents were in town we took a day trip to Saijo. The town of Saijo is known for their sake breweries and having some of the finest sake in Japan. Some of the breweries date back to 1650, but Saijo became a renowned sake location about a century ago. Saijo is surrounded by  mountains and has cold winters which are perfect conditions for sake production. I counted at least nine breweries on the map and we visited five of them. We were bummed that the tours are closed on Monday, but walking around the cute town and seeing all the history in the old breweries was pretty neat. Cute wall means you have to stop and take pictures, right?  Karan and my favorite tasting was the tea, we went into the wrong spot but we were glad that we did. The workers at the breweries were quite excited that “Johnson” was visiting. The cutest bottle of the day. Every Aqua door gets an OOTD picture.

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3 thoughts on “Trip to Saijo

  1. Hugh

    That’s a place I could go to! I love sake but it’s so expensive here in the UK. When I visit Japan I always buy sake from the 7/11s and Watsons just because I can!

    Is Saijo far from Hiroshima?

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