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While in Yokohama, Melisa Heath invited me to come to the Cupnoodles Museum with her and her two adorable kids! I was totally down to go and so glad to have other american wives here to spend time with while Kris is at the field.

I had no idea there would be an entire museum on instant ramen and cupnoodles, but seriously how awesome? I mean everyone has tried ramen noodles at some point in our life, especially when you are young, broke, and would rather spend your money on something way better than food! 🙂 ( You know like a new shirt, mascara, shoes…priorities here! I know I am not the only one!) Anyway, I had no idea that the man who invented instant ramen was 48 years old when he invented it and 61 when he came out with Cup Noodles, talk about an old rich guy! Momofuku Ando, the guy behind it all, came out with Chicken Ramen, ( the first instant ramen,) in 1958 and Cup Noodles in 1971.

How gorgeous is the entrance to this museum? I love the sleek, clean, look of it.


We made our way upstairs into this cool room called the Instant Noodles History Cube. It showed you all the different instant ramen and Cup Noodles that has ever been made, and what year they were made! There is over 3,000 product packages of instant ramen, isn’t that crazy!


image and now.imageimage

Connected to this room was one of the neatest theaters. (How pretty and modern is this room?) They gave us a head set that translated the movie to English and we were able to learn where and how Ando invented the instant ramen. He invented instant ramen in a year, working in a little shed behind his house. He wanted to find a way to quickly make ramen by just adding water….want to know the secret? He fried the noodles! Frying the noodles allows little holes to form in the noodles once they dry, and when you add hot water to them the noodles become soft again! ( Don’t you wish you had thought of that?) Cup Noodles were invented when Ando traveled to America in search of a way to make instant ramen a global food. He observed working men breaking up ramen, pouring them in a cup, adding water, and using a fork. ( No chopsticks in our lunch boxes in the states!) He realized he had to make ramen easier for Americans to eat, and that Cup Noodles was the key!



Once the movie was over, ( and your tummy is rumbling with it’s need for warm chicken ramen), we stopped into their little snack bar area and let the kids taste some instant ramen! They had four or five stands set up with instant ramen flavors that are popular in different countries, we decided to stick with Chicken Ramen!


image You bought a ticket for the ramen of your choice out of this little machine then took your ticket to the correct stand.


We ended our day the best way possible…making our own Cup Noodles! This place was packed and I have to give the kids gold stars for being angels the entire time!

( We went on a Wednesday afternoon and it was this busy!!) image

First you pay 300 yen ( under 3 dollars) for a noodle cup and it pops out of this cute vending machine. (smart and efficient!)




Then you get to decorate and personalize your cup!


Once you are done being an artist you get to make your own Cup Noodle recipe! I chose chile tomato seasoning, egg, cheese, and onion! ( When Kris eats them iI’ll let you know how awesome they taste!)

Add the noodles.


Choose your toppings. They had four different seasonings: chile tomato, chicken, curry, and seafood with several different topping options.


Seal them up.




And ta-da you have your very own Cup Noodles. ( And in a pretty little to-go bag!)


I would say the Cupnoodles Museum was a success! I don’t think we have anything like it back home!

image image

One last thing, since it is Easter weekend back home and this is the first time I have ever missed Easter with my family, I have to post a picture of the package they sent me. It included things I forgot to pack, all my favorite Easter candy and the sweetest pictures from my niece. ( I will admit the letters from her made me cry). I miss all my family and friends so much and I hope you all have a Happy Easter.


Thanks for stopping by, and sorry if you are now hungry. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cupnoodles Museum

  1. Cheryl Comer

    I would never think a museum about noodles would be so pretty, or that there would be a museum about noodles. The Heath family is too cute! I’m glad you liked your package from home and we miss you a bunch.

  2. Joyce porterfield

    I didn’t know ramen was from Japan. I assumed it was a Campbell soup product. A beautiful museum and informative and fun. Love your new friend and her cute kids that you can do things with. We will miss you tomorrow especially for the money eggs hunt.

  3. giuseppe petri

    It is cute cup noodle of design!
    I , it is because there is no that still went , want to go someday .

    Kris also I did a good job , but does not have to batter of the carp works well , it is was not sorry in the cover shortage .

    Since only season began , we will continue to support without giving up still !

  4. Kathy on Monday

    Hi Carly! What a great reporter you are! I want to go to the museum.I’m happy to read your report that you have enjoyinfg your Japanese life. I love Carp, love the players of Carp. I’m appreciated you are with Cris. I hope you understand my thankfull for you.

  5. Angie

    It’s so crazy that there is a museum dedicated to Raman noodles but even crazier that it was so packed! It looked like a fun museum though especially the make your own cup of noodles thing. I’m going to forward this to my sister in law. She only eats 5 foods and Ramen noodles is one. 🙂

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