Perfect Birthday Celebration

Kris could never surprise me when we first met, he would get so excited and tell me whatever he was planning.  Over the last couple years he has slowly gotten better, and I’ve learned to ask little to no questions if I don’t want the entire gift/event ruined! haha. This year for my birthday his lips were sealed, he didn’t give a single thing away, (except how excited he was and how he couldn’t wait to tell me and get the weight off his shoulders)!  He had the entire day planned and it was amazing, I’m pretty sure it involved all my favorite things, ocean, spa, champagne, gifts, dinner and dessert!  What more could a girl ask for?

He reserved a gorgeous ocean view room at the Grand Prince Hotel. I had mentioned back in the spring that I wanted to visit their spa because it looked heavenly, I had no idea he listened and booked us an entire night at the hotel! We started the afternoon with a champagne toast, gifts, and watching sting rays from our window! The entire left wall of our room was windows overlooking the ocean, even in the bathroom, it was gorgeous. ( Yes, this is what a King bed will look like a lot of times in Japan)
 I always stop by 4C and look at this little gold horseshoe necklace, never thinking I’d actually own it. I honestly didn’t even think Kris paid much attention to what I was looking at, I was wrong. I posted a picture of it on so you could see it better!   When I saw the Gucci packaging Kris said,  “I even told your Mom I thought you’d like the box just as much as the gift in it”. He knows me too well, it’s saved in a closet. 
 Kris spoiled me rotten and I loved all of it, he knows me so well it’s scary.

Next we walked the beach then he surprised me with massages in their beyond magical suite room. You are not allowed to take pictures, so I pulled some from their website, this place is a dream, and the massages were great.   The clothing they asked you to put on before coming down to the spa.  After a relaxing afternoon we dressed up, took “30th birthday” pictures, and Kris surprised me with dinner at the top of the hotel; again over looking the ocean. The views were stunning and the food scrumptious. The dessert chef even made me a gluten free fruit tart and Oh. My. Gosh. was it melt in your mouth delicious. I am still dreaming about it.

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 Sorry for the photo overload, but when you buy a new dress and you turn THIRTY you take a million pictures. Then you love your husband even more for not complaining about it. 🙂 

The entire day was absolute bliss. The staff at the Grand Prince went above and beyond to make sure our stay was perfect. I even ended our stay with a morning workout, who wouldn’t want to work out with this view?

Thank you to my husband for making my birthday one I will never forget. He makes me feel special every single day, but he went out of his way to make sure I had the best 30th birthday and that meant the world to me. 

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Birthday Celebration

  1. MasukoT

    Happy 30th Birthday, Carly!!!
    I enjoy reading your blog and thank you for sharing your life in Hiroshima!
    I’m so happy for you had a GREAT birthday with Kris at one of our local hotel!

    I had stayed there with other girl friends at the room on a few little lower floor than yours(haha!) and enjoyed their gorgeous spa!!

    Hope you and Kris will have more wonderful time together in Hiroshima!

  2. akemi

    What a nice way to celebrate your birthday! I’m sure you two had a lovely time together.
    Too bad that another injury placed Kris on the disabled list.

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