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For those of you who don’t know Kris injured his hamstring a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully it wasn’t serious and after being on the DL for the last two weeks he now has the go ahead to resume normal practice. He will pitch a minor league game later this week to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Since Kris has been hurt we have been staying pretty low key. We have tried new restaurants around Hiroshima, checked out a new mall, watched Carp games at cute happy hour spots, shopped, and started cooking at home more. I don’t have many pictures to share but I will post a few random selfies below! This year has been quite the roller coaster for us and has taken a lot of adjusting and positive mind sets. With that being said, to the people who have left me comments saying I should not have this blog, and I should not be showing  Kris and I enjoying ourselves while he isn’t on the main roster because it isn’t the Japanese culture, this blog is a very small glimpse into our lives. I don’t share the 6 to 8 hours a day he’s at the field, working hard, staying focused, and doing his job. I don’t share how hard it is for him to be sick or injured, I choose to share the happy moments. If you do not agree with that or approve of our lifestyle I’m sorry, but maybe my blog is not for you. I hope everyone who has met us know we live in a different country away from our family and friends (which is sometimes hard and lonely) for one reason and one reason only, baseball. That does not mean we aren’t allowed to enjoy the beautiful country we are in while doing so; we try to respect and enjoy everything about our second home, Japan! Thank you to those who leave nice, uplifting, and positive comments you’re the reason I keep this blog going.

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  1. Joyce Porterfield

    Well said Carly. I didn’t know you were being scrutinized for enjoying the beautiful country of Japan. Hopefully Kris will be back to normal rotation soon and the negative will disappear. Stay strong and supportive. Love you!

  2. joan and Jerry

    Hang in there Carly and Kris. If you didn’t have a few valleys in life the mountains would not be so awesome. We just wish you more mountains than valleys.

  3. Denise

    So sorry you are having to deal with negativity after all you and Kris have been thru this year. We know how seriously he takes his profession. We look vecyour blog. It is such a great travelogue to Japan.
    Stay strong!

  4. Cheryl

    I’m very proud of the way you and Kris have embraced Japan as your second home. You are very respectful to the people you meet and have tried to learn and enjoy the culture. It’s very hard to be living in a different country where you don’t understand the language and you don’t know very many people. Hang in there you both are doing a wonderful job adapting to your home away from home. ?

  5. akemi

    Well, they say,”When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, which I did when lived in the states for nearly 20 years. Not by sticking to one’s own way of thinking or doing things but by trying to accept and giving it a try may help you and your husband enjoy Japan and its people even more.

    1. Carly

      We love Japan and the people! I 100% accept anyone’s beliefs and decisions. I just don’t believe in being mean or unkind to someone you don’t know and wanted to let people know their comments can hurt people’s feelings 🙂

      1. akemi

        Never meant to hurt your feelings, Carly. But I just wanted you to know that some Carp fans out there who read your blog are beginning to have second thought about Kris. Maybe all those outing pictures in your blog have something to do with the way they feel . Well, again, it’s a different culture and you may wonder why and have trouble in understanding it.
        At any rate, we all hope he will concentrate on recovering from his injury and come back to the field to pitch for the team, just like last year.

        1. Carly

          He’s been determined and focused since day one to get back, he wants nothing more than to be healthy and pitching. Thank you for your concern I really appreciate it. 🙂

  6. Hugh

    Me and my wife Michelle both sat down this morning over breakfast to read this blog. I think we can both appreciate how hard it is to live abroad and experience the loneliness first hand. I lived in Hong Kong as a young man, I completely immersed myself in the culture and the language. Whilst being a generally positive and character defining period of my life, it was also very hard dealing with not just the loneliness but also the rejection from bad individuals whom just didn’t like you. You love a culture and you try your best to learn it but there will always be someone who will offload their negativity on you. This is the same in Japan, Hong Kong, America, Armenia.. Perhaps the sheer difference that is Japanese culture makes Japan the hardest place to fit in as a foreigner and we both think you’re doing a great job!

    You still need a place to let off steam though right and we all love reading your blog posts. It would be a great shame if you decided to stop this blog just because not everyone in the internet world agrees. I sincerely hope you can read the negative comments and be able to brush them off as people that are just going to not fit in with yourselves. I accepted a long time ago that I just can’t keep everyone happy and make them like me. I don’t let it bother me anymore.

    Anyway, on a more positive note, I hope Kris gets back on the roster soon and has a good end to what has been a difficult season. Last year was so amazing, I guess we all just expected this year to be even better but instead it’s been a challenge. How you two amazing people deal with this year and turn it around will say much more about you than any achievement made last year right?

    Anyway, I’ve said enough already. 🙂 …. We’ve got no baseball to go to here in the UK so Michelle and I are going to watch a game of cricket this week instead at the home of the game, Lords. We’re both going to go wearing Carp shirts, and Michelle will have Kris’s shirt on. I know all the TV crew so we might get on the tele..

    Take care and keep positive!

    1. Carly

      Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 and supporting Kris from the U.K.! Hopefully he will be up pitching soon, he’s been determined to get back asap! Enjoy Cricket 🙂

  7. Terry

    Long time reader, first time to comment…Please just ignore the negative comments / opinions and don’t forget the fact that most of the Carp fans support Kris not only because he dominates in the game, but they appreciate the fact that he (or the two of you) seem to be so friendly and are easy-going characters, always seeming to enjoy everyday life and the Japanese culture.

    Having spent some time in the states, I have a totally opposite opinion from the one a couple of posts above… It’s not so different here in Japan from the states in which the voices that get loud are usually the voices with negativity even when they come from a limited number of people, and I’m 100% sure that a large portion of Carp fans totally support the two of you whatever lifestyle you are at.

    Couldn’t help from writing this because me and my Carp fan buddies cant thank you guys enough for the two of you coming to a country far away from home and playing for the Carp, and the last thing I’d want is for you and Kris to feel uncomfortable living in Japan because we want to see Kris playing for the Carp as much as possible…

    Take care,


      Thank you so much for your kind words! We love being in Japan and we (he) of course love playing for the Carp! 🙂

  8. Terumi

    I am one of the Carp fans in Tokyo, and thank you for sharing your life in Japan with Kris⚾️42 with us.
    All my friends,who are great Carp fans, are looking forward to the day when Kris will pitch for the team. We believe he is definitely the person who can make the team much stronger.
    I love to see you smiling not only in here and also through TV shot taken in the stadiums !

  9. Teru

    I’m from Hiroshima (of course big fan of carp) and now live in Omaha Nebraska.
    So, I have been enjoying your blog so much! Very interesting to know what you think of Japan and Hiroshima while I live in Midwest where you guys are orignlly from.

    I was very shocked when I read “some Japanese people say that you should not blog your life in Japan when Kris is not pitching.”

    I have several reasons I want you to keep blogging the life in Japan.
    I like to share a couple of those.

    1. Wife need to stay happy
    I mean every wife need to stay happy, but I mean especially wife who comes to overseas with the husband for his work.
    He has work to do. But, wife need to find things to do, make new friends and so on in totally new culture.
    So, husband and wife need to work together to make wife happy, which is not easy.
    Once wife start enjoying life in new place, husband can focus more on his work. If not, it is impossible to do the best for his work.
    So, even Kris is sick or injured, he need to make sure Carly is happy.
    I have been glad to know you and Kris are still enjoying the life in Japan even with difficult situation.

    2. This is your blog, not Kris’s.
    You should do whatever you like. Kris is just your husband and he happens to be famous baseball player.

    3. Bridge between US and Hiroshima
    When I introduce myself in US as “I’m from Hiroshima”, sometimes conversation doesn’t last much.
    I believe some people in US don’t know much about Hiroshima except for as the city where Atomic bomb was dropped.
    This blog is great to communicate “Hiroshima” with people who don’t know “Hiroshima”.
    I really appreciate you are reporting positive “Hiroshima”!! to the world.

    I believe your blog is helping people to talk about Hiroshima very positively.

    4. Kris’s true condition
    Again, I’m a big fan of carp. I want Kris to come back and pitch for carp.
    It is not easy to find out how much he has recovered from the news article.
    So, when I see photos of Kris and some other information (he’s recovering his weight etc), I can figure out he’s getting better and hope he can come back soon.
    We don’t usually get that kind of information. So, that’s great information for me.

    Having said that, Japan has culture where we should not share happy face when we are not contributing to the work place or organization.
    Question is should we keep that? or say goodbye to that?

    Japan is facing the biggest challenge in its history.
    Low birth rate, aging society, and population has started decreasing.
    All the economist has agreed that in order to grow (or maintain) economy, we need to expand business in overseas and/or bring more people from overseas.

    I think we should diversify ourselves by changing some of our cultures or adopting new cultures. Otherwise, no great future for us.

    Lastly, one more thing I like to add.
    one of the reasons why carp is so strong last a couple of years is I strongly believe that Japanese players and players from overseas get along so well. I can see that they trust each other. (I was very glad to see that Kris was hidding behind hero interview to throw water to Japanese players. I’ve never seen that before.)
    Hiroshima carp is making new culture in baseball history.

    Thank you again for your blogging.
    I hope you keep enjoying Hiroshima life as much as we enjoy Omaha life.

    Best regards,


      Thank you so much for your comment. It put a smile on my face! We love Hiroshima and I love sharing about how beautiful the city and people are!
      I have been to Omaha for work, but I really want to visit the zoo sometime!!

      1. Teru

        I live in Omaha with my wife and two boys.
        We often go to the Henry zoo with annual pass!!
        Have you guys tried Asa zoo?

  10. IsaacS

    Keep it up you two! Negatives are everywhere #sadreality. Everyone has right to have a life no matter how high her/his celebrityness. I’m not a Carp fan (Lions and Texas Rangers!) but so glad that you let us take a glimpse at how a baller couple spend time in my home country.
    Isaac from Sacramento

  11. Fumiya Watanabe

    I am very sorry to read this blog about the negative comments you have received. Please ignore them as they are not the majority of the Carp fans. It’s none of their business what Kris does in his private time, and especially what you post since this is your blog.

    In fact, we all should thank you for keeping this blog open to public instead of keeping it for your private needs.

    Those negative comments are actually from the Tigers and Giants fans who are jealous, I am sure, LOL! They will do anything to undermine the Carp success.

  12. Love Carp

    I hope you and Kris enjoy the life in Japan !
    I believe Enjoying the life is the best medicine for Kris.
    Kris, please come back to the team when your condition becomes perfect. Carp need you to be the Japanese champion team.
    Carly, thank you for coming Japan and understand our culture. Your smile always makes us happy!

  13. Yasuko

    I was shocked that someone left negative comments.
    How rude!!
    I never think it is Japanese culture.

    We all know that Kris has been making an effort physically to be back to games.
    I was relieved when I saw Kris’s good smile. Positive thinking is better than negative.

    So, I want you to keep on writing. All of Carp fans look forward to your blog.

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