Kris’ Return & 5th Win

Last night Kris pitched his first game back since hurting his hamstring and earned his 5th win! He threw 101 pitches, allowed 2 hits, 0 runs, 6 strike outs, and only 2 walks over 8 innings, the Carp bats were on fire and the team won 9 -1! It was a great feeling to be back at Mazda Stadium and to watch Kris pitch, it was even better having my parents there with me! This year has been a crazy ride with unexpected twists and turns, but Kris is so happy to be back and helping his team; magic number 21.   Kris also hit a single during the game.  To say I’m proud of Kris is an understatement. Starting the year off extremely sick and then getting injured can really take a toll on someone mentally. Kris is one the of the strongest people I know, he stayed determined, focused, and positive during the entire season. His only goal was to be back helping the team to victory and I couldn’t be happier that he is back where he wants to be! (Icing his arm after the game is normal; even though it looks scary!)  Here are some social media pictures. Kris stole Slyly’s microphone during the hero interview, always being funny. 

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5 thoughts on “Kris’ Return & 5th Win

  1. Joyce Porterfield

    What a great game and return to the pitching mound. Congrats to Kris so happy for him. Great photos and nice picture of you and mom.

  2. Cheryl

    It was a fantastic game so happy we were there for Kris’ come back. He was definitely in the zone and it was so much fun to watch. Go Carp!

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