Central League Champs 2017

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up, we have been busy! The Hiroshima Carp became the CENTRAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS for two consecutive years on Monday!

A little back story since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Kris pitched the Thursday before and helped lead the team to a win, which made our magic number 1. At this point the stadium turned on the Hanshin Tiger game for all the fans to watch because if they lost we would have clenched that night at home! It was fun to have all the players and all the fans watching a different game on the big screen; the game didn’t go in our favor, but it was still a Carp victory! 

Sunday’s game was rained out due to a typhoon, so the team caught an early train to Kobe to beat the incoming storm. We played the Hanshin Tigers Monday afternoon and clenched the league! The Tigers have a huge fan base, but there was still a sea of red cheering on the Carp! 

Watching your team win the league championship is an amazing feeling. You get that butterfly, super anxious, and excited feeling just like a kid on Christmas morning. Watching the guys work so hard all year long and beat every obstacle thrown at them is awesome. It was such a fun night full of laughs, beer showers, and memories. 

A few nights ago they had a championship ceremony at home. The team was given the CL Champions’ banner and trophy. All the players walked around the entire stadium with the banner so that the fans could help celebrate the victory! The players are doing the chant the fans do when the Carp score a run! ha ha

We have a little over a week of regular season play, then two weeks off before our round of playoff games begin! We can’t wait for the post season and see what it has in store for the Carp!!

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