A Hike On Mt. Mitaki

It finally feels like spring!!! We have had gorgeous sunny weather this week so we decided to soak it all up on Kris’ day off by going hiking! A taxi driver ( yes, he spoke English!) had told me about an area called Mitaki, which means “three waterfalls”,  he said that it has great hiking and is a very peaceful area. I googled the area ( what did we do before the internet?) and found the train we needed to take to get there. From Hiroshima train station is was a short ten minute train ride. The train dropped us off at the smallest train stop we have experienced since I have been here, I loved it, it was like we were in the suburbs.

Before  I go any further I hope you are snuggled in bed or really bored at work because this post will be lengthy and loaded with pictures. 🙂 Don’t say I didn’t warn ya! image image image

I loved this little house and beautiful blue roof. We enjoyed looking at all the houses on our walk to the actual trail, because in the city it is just apartment buildings.


These bushes are in bloom everywhere right now and they are absolutely gorgeous.   image

I had read on the walk from the train station to the trail you would come across Seiganji Temple. This temple had been located in Peace Park before the atomic bomb was dropped.image image

Before getting to the actual hike you get to experience this peaceful area surrounded by temples, buddhist statues, a pagoda, and three gorgeous waterfalls.

These stone monuments are said to have many poems of peace on them.


image image image image image image image

I read that this area is gorgeous in the fall when the Maple tress change colors, but we spotted a few red ones that were so pretty. This is the Two Story Pagoda built in 1526, and moved to Hiroshima in 1951 to console the souls of victims who died in the atomic bombing.


I wish I could read Japanese so that I could tell you what these statues mean, but all I can say is this entire area was so peaceful and relaxing.


There were a ton of coins in this pond, so we decided to make a wish as well.


imageThis is the 3rd of the “three waterfalls” ( Don’t worry you didn’t miss the first two, they go backwards.)


All it said in English was “Big Bell” haha, but Kris followed what the ladies in front of us did, which was bow, ring the bell, then bow again. It really was such a neat experience because it was so quiet and the bell made such a pretty sound.


This shaded pathway was so pretty, Mother Nature is an amazing thing.


The Dragon God Temple was built in 2009 for the 1200 years anniversary of Kukai priest. Kris said the water is to cleanse your hands then you drink the water from your hands.  image image

There were little tea rooms and different buildings tucked in along the trail.image image

The second water fall is the tallest, it was gated off so this is the closest we could get.image image

We stopped at this cute little hut next to the main temple ( people were in the temple praying so I chose not to take a picture) and bought our zodiac animal which is based on year you were born…I am a rabbit and Kris is a rat. I really wanted to be a dragon, what animal are you?

image imageimageimage This is the first water wall and the last thing on the trail before you start your hike to the top of Mt. Mitaki!

image image

The scenery on the hike up was absolutely beautiful.

image image image These pictures do not do the bamboo trees justice. They were absolutely breathtaking and there was hundreds of them all around us. image image image image imageThis is a picture at what we thought was the “top of the mountain” we stopped here and had our lunch we packed, not realizing we still had a 30 minute hike to the top. image

The signs didn’t really help us, we just agreed on a direction and went with it. hahaimage

The last 30 minutes was a very steep, sweaty, hike and if you know me I am not the biggest fan of any bug that flies…but this view was worth it all. ( Even the huge butterflies that were flying like crazy at the top….yes I am afraid of butterflies, I would rather see a spider!)

image image Me being an absolute nerd. 🙂



image image image image image

We then started to make our way back down. The trail on the way back down was a little nonexistent  and I fell twice from it being so steep, but we laughed about it and Kris found me a walking stick. haha.


On our way back down we stopped half way at “Twin Big Rocks”, it was another gorgeous view.image


The tower in this picture is where we were when we thought we were at the top of the mountain. When we were there I asked Kris where the top was and how do we get back down he said ” I don’t know but there is no way it is way over there.” We laughed pretty hard when we ended up exactly where we thought we wouldn’t.imageimage

The way back down was the only time we got a little lost. This was the sign, and there really wasn’t any path. We went the wrong way for about five minutes, but our second choice was the right way. I was amazed that while we were hiking we only saw 3 people and they were all men hiking alone and were probably in their seventies!! It just goes to prove staying active is great for your health. The hike was not easy, but it was so fun and the best kind of work out!image

Kris picked me this gorgeous flower when we were finished 🙂 image

We finished the day eating at an open air bar and watching the Carp play on TV! We hung out with these girls most of the night, they were so fun! One of them even had Kris sign her iPhone! (I don’t even like him that much 😉 just kidding!!) It was a great end to a fun day off!

image image image


Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the super long post!


6 thoughts on “A Hike On Mt. Mitaki

  1. Denise

    the views were so perfect they looked fake. Gorgeous. I’ve never seen such a gorgeous walkway in the woods. All the stone was so pretty and I loved the temples.
    Japan looks amazing

  2. Denise

    the views were so perfect they looked fake. Gorgeous. I’ve never seen such a gorgeous walkway in the woods. All the stone was so pretty and I loved the temples.
    Japan looks amazing
    Oh, and I’m a tiger

  3. Cheryl Comer

    Wow that hike was amazing and I’m glad you made it to the top and didn’t miss that view. I better get in shape so you can take me up there!! I loved all the temples and foliage along the paths, and who doesn’t like a waterfall? The girls you hung with to watch the game are too cute and looked like they were fun. I’m a Rooster, lol

  4. Angie

    Wow that was beautiful. I know this sounds dumb, but the bamboo trees look like fake polls because they’re so not what I’m used to seeing. 🙂 They are so amazing though. I loved that you’re hanging out with the locals. They probably bragged to all of their friends the next day. 🙂 Also William was born in the year of the dragon. His whole life makes more sense now. 🙂

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